B) Nong Khiaw (ENG)

07/03/2018 – 08/03/2018


Nong Khiaw town (Nongkiew) is located at 100km East from Oudomxay.

How to get there from Oudomxay ?

  • Bus station : Southern bus station, 6km from the Northern one (within the city center)
  • Transportation: Tuk-tuk from the Northern bus station (15.000 LAK/p, 5 minutes) + minivan (45.000 LAK/p, 3 hours drive)
  • Frequency : everyday around 10 AM (unless full before) ; We strongly recommand you getting there 1 hour before to buy the tickets and load the bags.


Where can I sleep ?

Nong Khiaw is rather small (a few kilometers only), but you will find plenty of accomodations there. We did not book any room because most of them displayed 12€ a night or were fully booked on Booking.com (which takes a 20% commission). We were really lucky to be offered a room with private bathroom, mountain view, toilet paper, soap and towels for 80.000 LAK a night at the NongKhiaw View Guesthouse, close to the bridge crossing the Nam Ou river (you can find it on MAPS.ME).


What is there to do ?

  • Organised tours can be found at every street corner, but we did not pay that much attention to them because it usually is more expensive and less fun than experimenting on your own :p
  • Viewpoints 1 and 2 from the Nang None moutain peak (15.000 LAK/p entrance fee). Consider 4 hours to get to the to viewpoints and down (great hike in nature trails, but you will need your climbing skills from time to time :p). Viewpoint 1 is located on the left and 2 on your right. It’s better to go for the 2 first, as the way down is on the left. There are a few sign posts showing the way and it’s also on MAPS.ME. We have heard people went there on flip-flops, but it really is the worst idea. Bring also some insect repellent spray if you don’t want to be a mosquitoes buffet 😀
  • Viewpoint from the Phadeng peak (20.000 LAK/p entrance fee). We renounced going there because it started raining in the morning and did not seem to get better as hours passed (that was our first day of rain since December 2017 in Nepal) .
  • 100 waterfall trek. We were really excited about this one and planned to go without a tour, but we lost it when the only way to get there was by private boat for 400.000 LAK (excluding any guide and entrance fee).



Viewpoints at the Nang None Moutain

Viewpoint 2

Nature, rocks, trees and nobody to smoke nor to make any noise:D


A cave along the way, but we did not go into this one :p
Oh yeah, this is the way :p
Sometimes, you get to climb up a bit. Think about the locals and the fool who dared going there in flip-flops :p
Laotian stairs
Do not miss the plateform behind the rock in my back (you can barely see the small wood ladders among the trees). This is indeed the true viewpoint over the valley and the town. Consider 1 hour to get there.


Rocks there brought us back to our stay in China, Kunming region at the Shilin stone forest (Pour en savoir plus, c’est par ici)


Overwiew of the town, from viewpoint 2
Another view


Viewpoint 1

The way up to the viewpoint
Easier on the way up than down!
View over the « Nam Ou » river


View over the plateform 1
The famous plateform 2 :p
Same view, from the plateform itself


Sunset at the viewpoint (You will need to hurry up a bit unless you want to get down in the dark :p)
Oh yeah, that’s the way :p


The way down is also a challenge in itself with the slope, but it adds up a bit of adventure !


The last slope which brings you back to the road



Our first rainy day in months (since December 2017 to be accurate). No, I am certainly not making fun of our friends in Belgium who complained about their shitty weather for months 😀


As a conclusion, Nong Khiaw is a calm and peaceful town which is certainly worth seeing, for the hikes in the hills and probably the 100 waterfall trek. Maybe we will get back there one day to do what we did not have time to do?


Next step : Since it was raining, we decided to shorten our stay there to head two days earlier for Luang Prabang!



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