Our Asian disappointments


  • Poor English (only in main cities)
  • Xi’an terracotta army museum (nice to see, but we did not like it that much)
  • Shaolin temple (we expected it to be a more authentic place, considering the monks fame, but it is all about the show)
  • Hong Kong, its atmosphere, noise and living costs, even though we loved Lantau island


  • Lumbini (dirty, dusty, noisy and many temples but nothing as spiritual as we expected it to be)
  • Pollution (Kathmandou and Lumbini)
  • Unpleasant gazes from some people
  • « You are from Europe, you are rich (hence you must pay at least 5 times the price« 


  • Pollution, noise, stressful atmosphere and sometimes unpleasant gazes
  • New Delhi
  • « You are from Europe, you are rich (hence you must pay at least 100 times the price« 


  • Mass touristism, less authenticity and adventure


  • Corruption at the borders
  • Poor English, limited to the main cities
  • Oudomxay and its waterfalls (nice, but we expected more from it)
  • 4000 islands (really noisy and touristic place, not at all what we expected)
  • Ants invasions in most guesthouses


  • Massive corruption at the borders (7 USD/pp)
  • Poor English
  • Battambang (Bat caves are great, but it’s definitely not one of the World wonders)
  • Cockroaches invasions in most guesthouses (really big ones, we have got wonderful stories about it)


  • Leeches
  • Bed bugs (we had to move from places to places every time we saw some of these things until we found a bugs-free one; there were cockroaches, but small ones though :p)
  • Larvae migrant


  • Poor English, limited to the touristic places
  • Touristic
  • Bali (nice places and beaches, but it has lost its authenticity and everything is about money and tourism)
  • Indian-like scams (they try to convince you that there is no bus anymore, or it is far away on foot, or that tourist and locals pay the same)
  • Crappy unorganized transports
  • Nasty locals with a dishonest mentality on Bali and Lombok
  • « You are from Europe, you are rich (hence you must pay at least 10 times the price« 

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