Getting a Working-Holiday Visa in Australia

If you are willing to get to Australia to work and travel at the same time, getting a Working-Holiday Visa WHV 417 is probably the most suitable for you!

The visa fees are different depending on the country you come from. Coming from Belgium, a WHV 417 Visa will cost you about 440 AUD/pp (290€). This one will allow you to travel and work around all Australia for one year, but can be extended for another year under conditions. It can also be granted to you once in your lifetime before you are 31 years old.

Here a a few useful websites:

Get on with it as soon as you can, because processing your visa application can take quite a time (as much as 36 days). Do not be afraid, because once granted, you have one year to enter Australia and the year you are allowed to stay starts only upon arrival in the country 🙂

Funny story: Both Queenie and I applied for the same visa on the same day, maybe half an hour in between, while we stayed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Less than two hours later, Queenie’s visa was granted to her, while I had to perform a complete medical check-up and had to wait for 18 to 36 days to get it granted (maybe)! According to the authorities, this test is randomly asked for and can only be performed in an approved medical facility. This medical check-up is performed in about 2 to 3 hours on the same day, with the following tests:

  • Vision test
  • Lungs radiography
  • Urine analysis
  • Consultation with a General practitioner

These tests are pretty light. Do not be afraid if you have a crappy eyesight as I do 🙂

As usual in Asia, the check-up fee depends on the country you come from. For Belgians, you will have to pay 60€.

Once these tests are over, everything left for you to do is waiting… A few days until the clinic transfers the data to the Australian Government and a few weeks until they process your visa application. You will eventually receive a mail granting you the WHV 417 🙂

In opposition with all the Asian countries, customs officers will not ask you anything, nor write anything in you passport. You future employer will have to check your situation upon hire.



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