Bilan de l’Indonésie: Volcans et plages

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Feedback on Indonesia: Volcanoes and beaches

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Earthquake on Lombok, Indonesia

After spending almost two weeks on Gili Trawangan, we left the island on the 5th of August 2018 to get back to Lombok island. Once in Mataram, we were struck around 6PM by a massive earthquake of 7 on Richter’s scale. The earthquake and its aftershocks were powerful and quite long compared with the one we felt on Gili Trawangan a week earlier. No Wifi, no 4G and several aftershocks for more than 10 hours, our night was quite short…

As we were completly disconnected, we only learned but a few hours later these information:

  • Gili islands are now closed. Nobody is allowed to get there and 1.200 tourists are being evacuated to the closest airports.
  • The authorities raised a tsunami warning, but it was lifted soon after
  • Almost 100 people died and several hundreds were injured.

Tremblement de terre sur Lombok, Indonésie

Après notre séjour sur Gili Trawangan, nous sommes partis le 5 août 2018 en direction de l’île de Lombok. Arrivés à Mataram, le soir même vers 18h, nous ressentions à nouveau des secousses un peu plus fortes et longues que celles que nous avions vécu une semaine plus tôt sur Gili Trawangan! Coupures de wifi, absence totale de 4G et des secousses à répétitions pendant au moins 10 heures, notre nuit fût très courte…

Étant complètement déconnectés, nous n’avons appris que de nombreuses heures plus tard les infos suivantes:

  • L’accès aux îles de Gili était désormais interdit par le gouvernement et que pas loin de 1.200 touristiques étaient en cours d’évacuation vers les aéroports les plus proches…
  • Il y avait eu une alerte tsunami, qui a été rapidement levée
  • le bilan humain s’élevait à presque 100 morts et plusieurs centaines de blessés

Gili Trawangan, zen paradise

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Gili Trawangan, paradis zen

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From Mataram (Lombok) to the Gili islands cheaper than 3€/pp

In a previous post, we wrote about our trip from Bali to Lombok. Now, we are going to tell you all you need to know to get from Mataram (main town in Lombok) to the Gili islands, a really touristic place famous for its crystal clear waters and big waves (perfect for surfing), north of Lombok.

From Mataram, take a bemo (yellowcars) for 5.000 IDR/pp (0,3€) to the Mandalika Terminal. From there, change to a blue minibus to Bengsal. This should not cost you more than 20.000 IDR/pp (1,20€).

Bemo Mataram to Bengsal (1)
Many bemos are in a pretty poor shape, but still comfy 😀
Bemo Mataram to Bengsal (2)
Plastic strings to hold your bags on the roof, along with local stuff (wood planks, sometimes fruits, …) :p

Once in Bengsal, you have to get to the ticket counter for one of the islands:

  • By speedboat: 85.000 IDR/pp (5€)
  • By public Ferry:
    • To Gili Air: 19.500 IDR/pp (1,15€) (*)
    • To Gili Meno: 20.500 IDR/pp (1,2€) (*)
    • To Gili Trawangan: 22.500 IDR/pp (1,3€) (*)

(*): These are Bule prices. Locals pay only 10.000, 12.000 and 15.000 IDR/pp to get to the islands. Bule have to pay an additional 5.000 IDR/pp tourism fee and harbor fee (2.500 IDR/pp)

Public ferry Bengsal - Gili Trawangan (2)
A few pics from of the ferry in Bengsal to Gili Trawangan

Public ferry Bengsal - Gili Trawangan (3)

FYI: Bring flip-flops to board the ferry because all of them only come alongside the beach 😀 If you mind it, know that speedboats come alongside pontoons :p Same on the islands.

Public ferry Bengsal - Gili Trawangan (1)