Nos flops et déceptions d’Asie

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Our best Asian memories and experiences

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Wonderful trip of 10,5 months, from China to Indonesia, through 8 countries

Itinerary and trip duration

19/09/2017 to 09/08/2018 : 322 days, 10,5 months

TDM Queenie Yoan Itinéraire Asie du sud-est

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Nos meilleurs souvenirs et expériences d’Asie

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Bilan de l’Indonésie: Volcans et plages

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Feedback on Indonesia: Volcanoes and beaches

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Earthquake on Lombok, Indonesia

After spending almost two weeks on Gili Trawangan, we left the island on the 5th of August 2018 to get back to Lombok island. Once in Mataram, we were struck around 6PM by a massive earthquake of 7 on Richter’s scale. The earthquake and its aftershocks were powerful and quite long compared with the one we felt on Gili Trawangan a week earlier. No Wifi, no 4G and several aftershocks for more than 10 hours, our night was quite short…

As we were completly disconnected, we only learned but a few hours later these information:

  • Gili islands are now closed. Nobody is allowed to get there and 1.200 tourists are being evacuated to the closest airports.
  • The authorities raised a tsunami warning, but it was lifted soon after
  • Almost 100 people died and several hundreds were injured.